Systemic Delusion - Part II

By Patrick Hall

No matter how much goodwill is extended to the African American community and its frequently guileful and scheming leadership, it is never enough. The race and fear pornographers like the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and too many well-meaning but misguided supporters of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation will thrive in the current Biden-Harris administration. Appeasement, self-indulgence, victimhood, projection, accompanied with perpetual virtue signaling, will be the operating principles.  Straight talk concerning African Americans’ culpability in the socio-economic stasis that grips far too many inner-city communities will never occur. That is to say, it will seldom be tackled in any meaningful fashion. It is a Rubicon that many of their intellectual betters, including former President Barrack Obama, black academics, the Biden-Harris Administration, along many of their supporters won’t cross.

The body politic of the Democratic Party and their corporate media are busy YouTubing Blacks and many mea culpa liberal Democrats into believing law enforcement, in conjunction white supremacist are indiscriminately killing black people. The political exploitation of the George Floyd tragedy, condemned nationally by law enforcement, serves as exhibit A. In the Progressive Liberal Democrat arsenal, that steadfastly maintains that unfettered racism is somehow fused within America’s psycho-cultural make-up. It is a foregone conclusion that the George Floyd trial will continue to spawn (riots or protests), no matter what the verdict is, against Derek Chauvin and the other officers charged in his death.

Conjointly, thanks to the initial spiking (or slow-walking) of crucial exculpatory evidence by Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Allison, the case against Derek Chauvin and the other officers has become more problematic. Over twenty minutes of police cam video, as well as toxicology reports of Mr. Floyd showing “3 times” the deadly amounts of fentanyl in his system, paints this tragedy in an entirely different light. It is categorically different from what was skillfully orchestrated for months by Fox, CNN, NPR, and other media outlets.  Once again, for months, the world saw only the last 8 minutes. It was indeed horrific. But it was not the full story. Race autocrats like Ben Crump, George Floyd’s lawyer, along with BLM and Antifa, have put all of America on notice. We have two choices. Either convict Derek Chauvin and the other officers, or we’ll burn your homes and businesses down.

 George Floyd, Derek Chauvin are simply metaphors to those who want to continue to divide this country on race. Radical feminism, the-open borders-crowd, segments of the LGBTQ community employ the same tactic of taking isolated racism, sexism, or whatever, pretending to be all-pervasive. The shooting of eight women in Atlanta, six of them Asians, has been quickly (if not irresponsibility) employed by systemic racism acolytes to bash and defame American culture. Vice President Harris quickly jumped on the bandwagon, and some Professional Asians (not to be confused with Asian Professionals) frame this issue as a hate-crime.  It is mind-numbingly similar to what Professional Black people, like Rev Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West, and the Congressional Black Caucus have been doing for decades. It is a poisonous way of thinking, affecting many within the growing victim culture.

As a side note, I do not doubt that there are discriminatory acts against Asian Americans. However, it is equally important to point out that the “white supremacist or white men with guns” storyline propagated by the media, the Democratic political class, and President Biden downplays an inconvenient fact. One that does not fit their “white-supremacists-are-us” narrative. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the plurality of violent crimes targeting Asian Americans was committed by black Americans.  It was not the bi-product of former President Trump’s use of the term Wuhan Virus to describe Covid 19 that inspired the wack-job killer in Atlanta.

 Every tragic incident befalling any “sanctioned minority group or gender" is immediately shoehorned into the secular hermeneutics that see America as simply a bad country. 1  Even the Chinese Communist Party used last week’s meeting with our State Department in Alaska to beat Secretary of State Antony Blinkin over the head with the "America is racist stick."  This had to be the ultimate in hutzpah from a government and party that was directly responsible for the death of millions of people worldwide by their deliberate hiding and then lying about the spread of Covid-19.

 In regards to the killing of blacks by the police, a dismal reality remains. If you are a black man, you are more likely to be killed by your brethren than the police. As crime statistics have pointed out for decades, blacks, although making up roughly 13% of the United States population, are still responsible for 52% of all homicides nationwide. But this simple truth about black homicide rates has no political currency for Democrats and their easily manipulated black voter-base.  Systematic racism and the growing influence of white supremacy is already the storyline being layered over the George Floyd trial by the Biden-Harris Administration and their corporate media. It’s all so predictable.

The Evil that Men Do...
It is a secular dogma, if not Nicaean in its advocacy that far too many African Americans from all social classes wish to keep racism alive.  As we witnessed in the last Presidential election, blacks still fell for the ruse that racism remains the most significant obstacle they face here in the United States. As anticipated, blacks voted overwhelming for Biden and Harris, although they (except for their political class) will benefit very little in return. The same old problems that have little or nothing to do with systemic racism will still plague many of their people and communities.

Racism is everywhere, systemic, institutional, or otherwise is a cultural toxin that seems to be embedded in the socio-cultural DNA of many blacks.  With help from condescending and paternalistic Progressive Liberal Democrats and many Controlled-Opposition Republicans, it’s hard to imagine if the majority of blacks can escape this labyrinth.

Now let’s be clear here. Are there racists out there?  You bet there are! Also, contrary to the “fashionable white supremacist scare” dutifully muttered by an increasingly confused Biden. Racism comes in all colors and socio-political persuasions. In my short 70-year sojourn on this earth, some of the biggest (and physically dangerous) racists I have ever met have been black.  The larger question that is never breached is this. Racists or these socio-political outliers don’t have nearly the power to affect the fortunes of blacks as they once did.  

Conversely, too many in the black community have been doing an excellent job of undercutting themselves by dystopic behaviors like out-of-wedlock births, endemic criminal conduct, not taking advantage of education opportunities, and the constant messaging from the Black Liberal political class to always blame the other.  

The stern message that many blacks from all social classes must hear repeatedly and serve them best is this.  African Americans and other groups can never be fully repaid nor made somehow whole for past injustices.  Suffering can be endured and overcome. However, Blacks can and are being corrupted by society’s guilt payments for social justice currently mitigated by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cartel (DEIC).

 DEIC, the clandestine offspring of 1970s multiculturalism, is little more than balkanization and tribalism touted-up as congeniality. 2  It is a cultural pathogen, that is neo-segregationist at its core. Its real effects will be the demolition of American society. But then again, maybe that's the point for some. 3

1. Hall, Patrick.  Not African-American, Just American.  Chicago Independent Bulletin  November 27, 1997: pp 12-13.
  2. Hall, Patrick.  Still a Card-Carrying Integrationist.  Headway Magazine   June 1997:  p26.
  3. Hall, Patrick.  Footnote from an Integrationist.  America  May 10, 1997: pp 16-17.

[Patrick is a retired University Library Director. He is graduate of Canisius College and the University of Washington where he earned Masters Degrees in Religious Studies Education, Urban Anthropology and Library and Information Science.  Mr. Hall has also completed additional course work at the University of Buffalo, Seattle University and St. John Fishers College of Rochester New York. He has published in several national publications such as Commonweal, America, Conservative Review, Headway, National Catholic Reporter, and American Libraries. He has published in the peer reviewed publications, Journal of Academic Librarianship and the Internet Reference Services Quarterly. From 1997 until his retirement in January 2014 he served on the Advisory Board of Urban Library Journal, a CUNY Publication.]

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